A discreet contribution made by an Estonian door manufacturer is at the forefront of ensuring security

On 13.05.2020, a special segment of the investigative television programme “Eyewitness“ (“Pealtnägija” in Estonian), titled "War with the Invisible Enemy: 60 Days on the Frontline of the Coronary Epidemic" was screened on ETV. Attentive viewers might have spotted the doors in the scenes; more knowledgeable viewers, however, must have taken notice of Tammer's doors. The coronavirus pandemic has probably changed the world permanently, but it has provided us with an opportunity to acknowledge and be grateful of the things that are truly important in life. Tammer's goal is to make the world a safer and friendlier place. Our greatest asset is our employees, who may not always even realize the real value of their work. Moreover, our employees will never see most of the products again once they’re sent out of the factory, as more than 85% of the aperture products will be shipped abroad. The television show gave all Tammer’s employees the opportunity to be part of the front line and to be acknowledged for the contribution of each team member. We are grateful to the staff of the television programme “Eyewitness”, who aired this sincere story.

Tammer is an Estonian family business that has been producing doors and partitions for 25 years, with nearly 85% of the products being exported abroad. Tammer has grown into the largest manufacturer of metal doors and partitions in the Baltics, employing 200 people.

 Pildid / PERH uksed

The episode can be viewed here: https://www.err.ee/1089324/soda-nahtamatu-vaenlasega-60-paeva-koroonaepideemia-eesliinil