We have performed various tests to ensure compliance with market requirements. As a result of the tests, VTT and Inspecta have issued certificates to T-Tammer OÜ. These operations were co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Our certificates are available from the Bureau Veritas webpage http://www.veristar.com/

Bureau Veritas  MED 2014/90/EU QUALITY SYSTEM MODULE D

Bureau Veritas 45462/A0 EC MGF401 A60

Bureau Veritas 47589/A0 MED MGF301 A60

Bureau Veritas 38653/A1 MED MGF101 and MGF201 B15 

Bureau Veritas 47403/A1 MED MSF101 and MSF201 B15

Bureau Veritas 51886/A0 MED MGF102 B15

Bureau Veritas 46250/A0 EC MGP101 B15