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Since 1995, T-Tammer OÜ has been providing customers with high quality fire door solutions and services.

Fire protection has been always our strongest attribute.

Tammer has since grown to become the biggest manufacturer of metal doors in the Baltics, providing work for 145 employees. Our product range consists of different product families, ranging from simple steel doors all the way to doors with a fire protection rating of two-hours; from industrial doors, to demanding, electrically operated cleanroom doors. Over 80% of our production is made for export. Our products can be found in the most prestigious buildings in the Nordic countries.

Following 20 years of success in land based construction, the family-owned company took the next big step and entered the Shipbuilding sector in 2015. In the autumn of 2015, Tammer successfully certified its first Marine fire doors!

Our marine products meet the latest fire regulations and are ready to be used on modern multifunctional vessels, all the way up to high-end luxury cruise liners; whether a new construction or a refit. Products are available in painted finish (NCS, RAL colour) or entirely produced from AISI316L.


 The following products have been approved for marine solutions:

- A60 glazed profile door

- A60 glazed profile door with fixed part

- B15 glazed profile single leaf door

- B15 glazed profile double leaf door

- B15 glazed wall partition

- B15 bulkhead panel 50 mm

- B15 single leaf hinged door

- B15 double leaf hinged door

- C-class hinged and sliding doors

- C-class fixed glazed partitions

Our certificates are available from the Bureau Veritas webpage

 For further information and co-operation, please contact our Marine Sales department at

Marine Sales
Marti Planken
Tel: + 372 5121 391

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